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25 Jul 2018

We all know of family, friends and loved ones who have been touched by Cancer, an illness with a million of different forms and outcomes. Nearly 20,000 people are diagnosed with cancer each year in Wales alone, and it is expected that one in two of us will develop cancer by 2020.

Some of our team members have been closely affected by the illness and the amazing support provided by the staff at the Velindre Cancer Centre

Supporting a different charity or worthy cause is an important aspect of our culture, it is part of our identity. 

** B I N G O **

On 15th June, our MD rocked up with an office Bingo game and a bag of prizes. Our teams got together, paid their playing fees and connected with each other. No emails, no social media - good old human interaction. 

We raised £175 for this very worthy cause while getting to know each other better and building on our strong charitable identity. Every penny helps making a difference to the people around us. 

Please join us and support the fundraising efforts for Velindre Cancer Centre. More information can be found on their website: 

Velindre Fundraising Website