Fighting Homelessness

Fighting Homelessness

City Energy worked closely with Huggard in 2016 and continues to support this worthy cause this year also. Huggard is a Cardiff-based charity tackling homelessness and seeking to overcome the problems and barriers that force individuals to sleep rough on our streets. Their services focus around their day centre which is open 365 days a year, a 22-bed hostel with additional emergency spaces, 14 shared houses with tenant support that accommodate 53 clients.

Last year City Energy became an ‘Angel for a day’ where we supported the Huggard Centre kitchen on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day, feeding around 100 homeless people.

Helping people around us with our products and services is one way to fight some of the unfairness of our society; helping with a smile and a bit of time can make another huge difference too.  Its not always about the money, often its just a bit of time and care.  

Help make a difference to those who really suffer in the Winter weather. Donate, become an Angel for a Day or support this worthy cause with Corporate Sponsorship. 

Huggard - The charity fighting homelessness

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