#LittleGoodDeed Campaign

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#LittleGoodDeed Campaign

City Energy are supporting the #LittleGoodDeed campaign to help raise awareness of the challenges many families are currently dealing with during this pandemic and ways to help support them.

Asking for help is never always easy, and as the COVID crisis persists, most families are finding things tough right now – financially, socially and emotionally. Many parents or carers of really little ones have never been more isolated.


With limitations on family and social support networks and many public services and spaces closed, too many mums and dads are home alone – digging deep and doing their very best – but finding it hard to be the parents they want to be.

Asking for help can be hard at the best of times. We know that feeling inadequate or fearing being judged are real barriers. Right now, help has never felt further away.

But help is out there. There is professional support for those who really need it. And the great British public wants to do their bit to help others in their local community more than ever before too.

We want to encourage people to do a #LittleGoodDeed for a parent or carer having a tricky time – to reach out, check in and ask what they need. And we will celebrate those good deed doers that are making a difference in small ways, every day.

This campaign is supported by many of the nation’s most loved children’s charities. For more information, please visit their website.