A loving relationship with your home

Your home on valentine's day

A loving relationship with your home

Taking care of your home this Valentine’s day? We will always have an everlasting connection with our home. Our goals have become more focused than ever to lower energy costs and strengthen that relationship between our heating, insulation, windows and general property maintenance. Maintaining a warmer home and saving money is one of the most rewarding ways of building a connection between you and your living-space and the main goal of this article is to help cover some of these topics and ultimately save you money and help reduce the overall consumption of energy around the home.

Your heating system could be costing you more, especially over the colder months. With many homes being heated by electric heaters, installing a central heating system could be the right option for you and could save you money on your energy spend. The benefits of a central heating system installed includes:

  • Improved heating control
  • Reduced energy usage, greater energy savings
  • A smaller sized boiler
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • A quieter boiler process
  • A warmer home for you and your family

We want what’s best for our boiler’s proficiency and this is largely dictated by the age, unit type and radiators. More established boilers through both plan and non-stop use, are continually going to be less proficient than recently introduced ones. Your heating’s productivity is arranged by a rating. (A) rated boilers are over 90% proficient while (G) rated boilers are normally 65% effective. In October 2010, it was said recently introduced home units must be 88% more economical. Productivity is likewise founded on the current model you have installed in your home, for instance, a non-condensing boiler squanders more energy and thusly costs more, whilst a condensing model (which condenses waste gases for later use) is more energy efficient, setting aside you more cash over its lifetime and making your home much warmer for longer.

Insulation has also been seen as a substantial home improvement when it comes to maintaining warmth and encouraging lower energy usage. There are many benefits that come with insulating your home that include reduced energy savings, lowering your carbon footprint and more obviously; a much warmer home for you and your family. The UK has some of the oldest housing stock built and as a consequence it’s costing homeowners much more money in repair costs and upgrades due to a lack of under-utilisation of energy efficient measures being installed, compared to those who live in newly built homes. Much of the heat that is lost through your home’s walls and loft may have been overlooked during your property’s construction.

Around 25% of the warmth is lost is through the roof space with almost 35% through the walls and an additional 10% lost through windows is not something to turn a blind eye to. Installing new insulation could result in a much warmer home, significantly lowering your energy costs and saving your existing central heating from working constantly on overdrive. It’s definitely a home improvement that will shape a brighter future and create a more balanced heating temperature throughout the home. Insulation is also very effective at reducing damp and absorbing sound and can assist with a reduction in noise transmission giving you a quieter and more comfortable environmental setting.

Now looking in to the energy performance of your windows. There are a number of energy efficient windows that come in a range of frame materials and styles. And according to the Energy Savings Trust a window relies upon how well these materials prevent heat from going through, just as how much daylight goes through the glass and how little air can spill around the window frame. The idea heavily relies on trapping air from escaping your home and preserving as much heat as possible. Energy efficient windows can be made of two or even three glass panes in a single unit surrounded by a frame made of UPVC, wood, or another material.

Some of the benefits of having newly installed windows include:

  • A much warmer home during the winter
  • A reduction in energy costs
  • Less condensation around the house
  • Noise reduction (nice and peaceful surroundings)
  • Cooler during the summer (trapping the sun rays into the window pane)

Window glazing is designed to reduce heat loss throughout your home and has plenty of benefits when it comes to reducing your energy consumption further. You may find that as it gets colder, replacing your existing windows could be a great option and certainly helps build a constructive relationship with your home’s energy. Double glazed units create twice the insulation as a single unit and can have huge advantages when it comes to retaining heat!

Now focussing finally on why it’s important to take regular care of your home’s electrical appliances. Maintaining that healthy relationship between you and your homes appliances will ultimately save you money and lower energy costs further. You want to keep on top of regular servicing to stop any future problems which will result in further monetary-value, whilst continually providing upkeep to your home’s working parts. Keeping on top of your home’s appliances is not only a great way to insure your home manages your own heating expectations, but will ensure you have added warmth throughout the year and of course when you need to use it!

City Energy may be able to help you with grant funding for heating and insulation.  Our specialists are  have a great understanding of everything “scheme and funding related” and you may find that you qualify for one of the above-mentioned upgrades completely FREE of charge. What better way to start improving the care of your home? We’re the experts in all aspects of heating, plumbing, renewable energy, insulation and Smart Meters. All our gas engineers are Gas Safe registered and PAS2030 approved. If you would like to find out if you qualify for any of these exciting upgrades please call and speak with one of our professional team members today!

Take care of your home, provide warmth to your family, contribute to your own environment, meet the demands of your homes needs and as the famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven said “Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours”

Happy Valentine’s day on behalf of City Energy!