Carbon Emissions Reduction Obligation (CERO)

The funding stream CERO is designed to meet the UK’s wider obligations of reducing its environmentally damaging carbon footprint. It provides 30% of the overall ECO activity. 

The aim is to insulate homes to a high standard and therefore reduce the need to heat.  A reduction in heating results in less fuel being used which reduces the overall carbon footprint.  So, in a way, this grant funding helps you help the country and the world. 

The beauty of CERO funding?

You don’t need to be on benefits to get it. There are some rather complicated calculations and carbon scoring activities that need to be carried out by a qualified energy assessor though. 

Get in touch to see if we can provide you with some funding to keep you warm this Winter. Even if you have tried in the past and were turned down, the rules have changed significantly in early 2017 and again in 2018. You might fit the bill under the new ECO Flexible Eligibility scheme. Get in touch to see if your local council has signed up with us for this scheme by contacting our IDT team on 

Check out the various insulation products on offer and get in touch to see if we cannot get your home wrapped up warm.