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Settlement Figure

A settlement figure is a sum that completes a customer’s financial obligation to the firm.  A fixed sum that is to be paid by the customer to complete the contract.  Settlement figures are involved in full repayments of a loan, partial repayments as well as default and debt recovery agreements.

Full repayment – Customers can repay their loan at any time by contacting us and telling us that they want to settle their loan early. We will calculate the settlement figure which will be valid for 28 days.

Partial repayment – Customers can pay more than their required monthly payment at any time during the duration of the loan but they’ll need to let us know, by phone or in writing, of their intention to do this.

Customers can pay by:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Online
  • Phone
  • Cheque Payment

An inspection of a premises/risk by a trained surveyor.

Used by installation companies to provide details of the premises and deliver a quote or to verify an installation that has taken place.

The surveyor inspects the premises that are to receive or have received an installation to check whether the property is suitable for such installation and collect information that will be used to work out the details of install and relevant personal loans. The lender may use this information to decide whether the risk is acceptable or any special conditions should apply to the personal loan or the installation, and to make requirements or suggestions that may improve the risk.

Quotations and any amendments to a relevant property may be Subject to Survey.

Subject to Survey

A phrase used by an installation firm to show that they have provisionally accepted a request for an installation pending inspection by a surveyor. The surveyor's report will be necessary to finally confirm the details of the risk to assess its acceptability and any limits, conditions and the costings to apply.

Used when considering the basis upon which an installation or a loan is provided.

An installation supported by a loan may be Subject to Survey at quotation stage. If it is, the document communicating terms must clearly state the terms provided are Subject to Survey. Any contingencies relative to the survey must also be detailed, such as a loan being subject to the Insured accepting and implementing any risk improvements required following the survey within timescales advised by City Energy Network.

Small to Medium Enterprise (SME)

A SME is a general description for businesses that are bigger than sole traders, but smaller than large businesses or organisations.

Used when talking about types of business.


The document that contains the specific information about the loan repayment including relevant terms and conditions. 
To make a complete valid consumer credit agreement, the schedule must accompany a number of documents including an Adequate Explanation among others.

Used when talking about personal loan documents. 
Schedules give details of the creditor, risk to obtaining credit, liabilities, period of repayment and details of the repayment values and APR. 

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