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Qualified smart meter installers

We all want to reduce our energy consumption, our carbon emissions and save money on energy costs while we are doing it.

That’s why the UK government has instructed energy suppliers to install 53 million smart meters in homes and businesses across England, Scotland, and Wales by 2020.

How do smart meters work?

They take readings on a monthly, daily, or half-hourly basis and send them to your energy supplier using a secure wireless network. This goes for both, electric and gas meters.

They link with a portable home display unit, which looks like a tablet, so you can see what you’re using and when.

What are the benefits?

  • They allow you to keep track of your energy use in real time
  • They give you the cost of what you’re using in pounds and pence
  • They help you identify where you can reduce your bills and carbon emissions
  • They remove the need for meter readings or estimated bills
  • They let your supplier know if there’s a problem with the energy supply
  • They help the grid plan energy supply more accurately

Will you have to pay for a smart meter?

There’s no separate charge for smart energy meters. You already pay for your meter and its maintenance as part of your bills. It will stay that way when a smart meter is installed.

How can City Energy help?

We’ve discovered that 90% of current smart meter installers are gas engineers who have taken a top-up course to install electric meters with very few domestic electricians being cross-trained for the smart meter role.

You deserve better.

We don’t believe that’s good enough for our customers. Naturally gas meters are very different from electricity meters and during a Smart Meter installation, both get replaced.  That’s why we’ve taken the decision to deliver our smart meter installations with fully-qualified smart meter installers with extensive expertise in gas as well as electric.

We’re putting quality of workmanship, safety of our customers and outstanding customer service at the forefront of our delivery programme.

City Energy installs smart meters on behalf of and in partnership with obligated energy suppliers. To find out more about the Smart Meter roll-out, check out the official Smart Energy GB website

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