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City Energy is always looking for ways to lessen the cost of energy bills to our customers, saving you money and lowering the impact on the environment. The UK is currently one of the best places to source energy Funding to help homeowners in fuel poverty, supported by energy suppliers, government and Local Authorities.

You could be eligible for a brand-new A-rated boiler completely FREE of charge. There are several funding options available for boiler replacement and we are here to help each step of the way. If you are in receipt of a qualifying benefit and your boiler is 10+ years old, you could be entitled to a fully funded boiler installation in your home – As part of the UK government’s obligation (ECO).

How would installing a new boiler upgrade help you?

Most new condensing boilers are A-rated and could be up to 90% more fuel efficient. Having a new
boiler will reduce the amount of energy used in your home and substantially lower the cost of your heating bill. According to the Energy Saving Trust, a central heating system contributes for up to 60% of your household, so installing a new boiler can have impact significantly on your energy spend.

The benefits of a new boiler include:

  • Reduced energy spend
  • Enhanced boiler efficiency
  • A warmer home for you and your family
  • Increased value on your property
  • Less noise and smoother operation

How much money can I save on installing a new boiler?

By having an A-rated boiler installed at your property, you could be saving hundreds of pounds every year.

Our mission is to reducing energy spend for our customers and contribute to substantial change on our planet’s environment. With the cost of energy bills over the recent years on the rise, replacing your existing boiler would definitely be a great option and could save you money.

Are you experiencing issues with your existing Boiler?

We have installed thousands of boilers across the UK to our customers. With our industry leading knowledge, a significant installer network and a compassionate understanding for our customer’s needs, we can help you lower your energy costs and significantly improve the energy rating of your home.

Having an old noisy boiler can sometimes be thrust-rating, you may have noticed changes around your home, it’s not as warm, your hot water isn’t producing an even-all-round temperature and you could also be suffering enhanced energy costs.

To find out more about your eligibility and funding options available, get in touch with our experts today. Complete our contact us form or call us on 02920 499 183 or email us.

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Coptic House, 4-5 Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff, CF10 5EE

02920 499183

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