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Room in roof insulation contributes to energy savings, increases your home’s fuel performance and preserves heat. Customers who insulate their homes have also reduce their energy spend and consumption.

The insulation is fixed amongst the rafters and finished with plasterboard partitions and will assist with continually maintaining warmth inside your home. The foam insulation is typically produced from polystyrene or polyurethane.

Any improvements you’re making to your house will help save you money, however with the aid of using insulation effectively, you’ll also be able to take advantage of further energy savings, in particular during times where more people are frequently using heating appliances within your home.

How Room in Roof Insulation works?

Room in roof insulation works by lessening the measure of heat through your rooftop and if your loft space includes rooms inside it that are accompanied by a fixed flight of stairs, they could also benefit from having the dividers and inclining portions of the rooftop protected from within.

The benefits of Room in Roof Insulation include:

  • Converted lofts stay warm and cosy, making them more comfortable and energy efficient
  • Prevents heat escaping through your roof and maintains an all-round pleasant temperature
  • Reduces your energy costs and keeps your home warmer for longer
  • Insulation can be concealed using plasterboard for a more professional finish
  • Your home will be more environmentally friendly

How much can I save on installing Roof Insulation?

As much as 25% of heat is misplaced through an uninsulated home because heat is constantly on the rise. A cost-effective method to reduce heat loss over maintained warmness is by insulating behind the rafters, plasterboards or walls. In addition, this should decrease your overall heating costs for up to £240 a year.

Are you experiencing issues with your existing Roof Insulation?

Badly installed materials at your home can lead to all sorts of problems, many of which are likely to have long term consequences to the structure and fabric of your property and can be a costly fix to put right in the near future.

City Energy has already installed room in roof insulation into thousands of homes across the UK and is continually supporting new applications through available funding opportunities. You may qualify for funding of room in roof insulation, meaning you could be living a more energy efficient lifestyle at home.

In the event that your loft is hard to access, for instance, if your space is too little or the space is excessively confined to move inside, blown insulation can also be another great option for you.

To find out more about room in roof insulation, funding available and your eligibility, get in touch with our experts today. Complete our contact us form or call us on 02920 499 183 or email us.

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Coptic House, 4-5 Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff, CF10 5EE

02920 499183

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