Nick Pritchard

Nick Pritchard

Group Development Director, Fast Growth 50 winner

As Group Development Director, Nick has 10 years’ experience transforming City Energy into what it is today. City Energy is a now notable and confided brand that manages contracts for several energy organisation, as well as numerous Local Authorities directly or through our Trusted Installer Network.

Prior to taking up his current role, Nick has been heavily regarded as a Strategic Relationship Partner and is the very essence of whom we are today. He has helped shape City Energy through Diverse and Strategic Planning, Company Acquisition and External Consultancy. Nick has learnt valuable lessons over the years some good some bad ‘very bad’!! But as he always says, it shapes us into what we are and what we do.

Through the years, Nick has shaped an ambitious project through revolutionising fuel poverty and helping those in need regain their own confidence. A time served as a British Army Soldier with a passion for wanting to be the best and turning City Energy into a market leader in the energy efficiency marketplace.

“City Energy is the foundation of change and will continue to provide the best customer service and will always remain one of the most respected and trusted providers in the Renewables Industry”.

Tel: 02920 499183

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